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R. Peter Ubtrent

An Auroral Flame: The Aurora Chronicles (Book One) by R. Peter Ubtrent . Aurora is inquisitive, stubborn, and has far too much courage for one so young. She is also a half-Elf orphan, left at the Monastery of St. Verruchts by the Satyr Stiz with two bags of gold and nothing else. She grows up thinking that she is just one of the other young aspirants, with her cropped hair and baggy robes. When she starts to develop into a beautiful young half-Elf female, things start going wrong. Banned from the library for reading the forbidden magic books, she is taken under the wing of the youngest of the Brothers who begins to teach her the bow and the sword. She soon learns that not only is she a girl but she can cast magic and with the help of the Satyr Stiz, she begins to learn that she isn't an ordinary half-Elf at all. Thus begins the adventures of Aurora Leafblade and her bumpy journey into womanhood as well as the dangerous world of Black and White Magic and of

William P. Robertson

The Ghosts Revisited Series . Ghosts Revisited 1 (The Ghosts Revisited Series) by William P. Robertson . The Ghosts Revisited Series Book 1. "Ghosts Revisited" exhumes 32 chilling tales from the crypts of Pennsylvania and Western New York. Who knew that Erie Cemetery housed a vampire, or that High Hat, the Seneca Bogeyman, roams Allegany State Park to quench his cannibalistic urges? Hell hounds frequent Goodleburg Graveyard while Hotel Conneaut is home to the specter bride Elizabeth who burned to death on her honeymoon. Scarier yet, is the serial killer whose ghost resides at the Bergen House near Rochester, New York. That was where he slaughtered children and fed them to the pigs. Historic sites such as the Devil's Den at Gettysburg, the Dunkirk Lighthouse, and Eastern State Penitentiary have their share of phantoms, as well. Add in a haunted hospital, a derelict poorhouse, and a rat-infested factory, and this book becomes tru

Lisa Charles

Yes! Commit. Do. Live. by Lisa Charles . Embrace the Brain-Body Connection to Achieve Your True Desires . YES! COMMIT. DO. LIVE takes you on a journey to reimagine yourself, discover the True/Authentic you, and find lasting health from the top-down / inside-out. Combining aspects of health coaching, personal training, and brain science, The YES! System Flips the Script on Aging using a simple, three-part process: COMMIT. Embrace the Yes! Mindset—a positive, empowered outlook enabling you to eliminate barriers, reimagine your potential, and discover the authentic you. DO. Reconnect your brain and body using focused movement, breathing, and eating exercises. Choose an age-defying life—you really can "Age with Grace and Excellence." LIVE. Boldly challenge your brain, body, and beliefs throughout the rest of your life as you achieve and advance your personal vision and goals. Lisa has put her years of self-explorati

James Glass

Rebecca Watson Crime Thriller Trilogy . Girl In The Leaves by James Glass . A Rebecca Watson Novel Book 3 While Detective Rebecca Watson wrestles with the possibility that her mother may get away with murder, she responds to the murder-suicide of a family of five and soon discovers they had been in the Witness Protection Program. This greatly complicates her investigation. Then a few days later, two Eugene Falls College students stumble up on a young woman's body partially covered with leaves. As Rebecca doubles down to solve both gruesome cases, she faces an emotional trauma of such unspeakable darkness that it makes her question whether she can still do her job. Product Details: Print Length: ‎271 Pages Publisher: ‎Gritty Crime Thrillers (April 27, 2023) Language: ‎English Serial Killer Thrillers Crime Thrillers Murder Thrillers Kindle:

Eloise Epps MacKinnon

A Twisted Shade Of Green: Betrayal by Eloise Epps MacKinnon . Love Is The Heart’s Gift From God! The author of the trilogy: A Twisted Shade of Green returns with an attention-grabbing, soul-questing finale, Betrayal. Glen Monroe’s world once was filled with ecstasy as he ensnared a woman’s entire being with just one look. Glen’s eyes dazzle with a hint of lust and revenge doused with lies and secrets that intrigue all women. That was before Glen met true love, Kali Mathias! And now, that essence of being kissed by Judas outpour from the pores of the very ones Glen least expected to do him wrong. His sister, ex-lover, and best friend! Could it possibly be the end of Glen’s true love? How would such love survive within Glen’s turned upside-down trial of trickery and backstabbing? The existence where he no longer knows if he belongs nor who that person glaring him back in the face really was anymore as Glen quietly sighs, whispering. “Who am I to be anyone

Rob Shackleford

Drowned Paradise by Rob Shackleford . In the global climate of conflict, shortages, and political instability and ineptitude, residents on the Coastal communities of Australia’s Gold Coast are suddenly hit by a tsunami. A huge one. To make matters worse, most tech dies with it. A disaster novel with a twist, Drowned Paradise follows a small group of survivors as they struggle to survive a cataclysm that dramatically changes their world. Then, in the not-too-distant future, when our culture has become relegated to history, what will be our legacy? Product Details: Paperback: ‎417 Pages Publisher: ‎Rob Robshackleford (February 18, 2023) Language: ‎English Fiction (Disasters) Thrillers (Disasters) Fiction (Action and Adventure) Amazon Print: Kindle: